June 23 , 2011

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Free Energy Up-date - June 23, 2011


Well, it's been about three months since my last Update. I'd like to wish a warm welcome to all of the new people who signed up for this service during that time. If you are interested, you can find all of my previous Update Newsletters on the Newsletter Archive page of my website:


Well, I've got some great news for you this issue, so let's get right into it.

At the end of my last Newsletter, I told you about the problem of Lock Bumping and the danger it poses to you and your family. In that report, I didn't have a solution for the problem, other than changing your locks. Now, there is an easy, after-market fix for Lock Bumping, and it works on all doors with a dead-bolt. Its called "Lock-Jaw". It is inexpensive, installs in seconds, and prevents all types of unauthorized entry, based on lock defeating methods. To learn more, just watch these clips:

In August of last year, I ran an item in this Newsletter about bio-char, and the use of hard wood charcoal as a soil amendment. I also linked to the great documentary which kick-started the bio-char movement, The Secret of El Dorado. If you are new to this topic and you haven't seen this film yet, you owe it to yourself to become informed. I highly recommend that you take the time to watch it. It's only 48 minutes long, and it will change your understanding of history and organic gardening.

More recently, bio-char production has started to attract some bigger players and the process is now being seen as a major energy producer as well. Here's an article to help bring you up to speed on these new developments.

If we don't want the major corporations to "destroy the planet for our convenience", then we better start learning how to do things in a better way. One group committed to this is Open Source Ecology. They have developed open source designs for 40 machines that are the backbone of modern civilization. They call them the "Global Village Construction Set". Here's a quick, two minute overview of the project: http://vimeo.com/16106427

For more information, here is their website. http://opensourceecology.org/index.php Take a look and see why Chris Anderson, curator of TED, says "Your project is amazing. Thrilling actually… It's people like you who really give me hope for the future."

Many of you have seen my downloadable ebook Save on Home Energy where I teach you how to cut your utility bills in half (that's a 50% savings!). Many of you probably haven't thought this was possible, so here is a website where someone does many of these fixes and saves 44% on his energy costs. Actually, if he had used my book, he probably would have saved more! http://www.compassionatespirit.com/Superinsulated-Retrofit-Overview.htm

As usual, my friend Aaron Murakami has been very busy. Recently, he finished another brilliant ebook on the subject of Plasma Ignition Systems. This is a great "do-it-yourself" manual on the history and development of advanced ignition systems for gas engines, culminating in his own designs. These ignition systems can dramatically improve the efficiency of the engine, routinely improving both power and mileage. Sighting numerous patents and circuits, and linking dozens of video clips, Aaron shows you how to do it all, including how to "explode water" without even making hydrogen first! Check it out, at Ignition Secrets. You'll be glad you did.

And now, I'd like to share with you one of the most exciting things I have ever heard of!

It's being called "THE BIGGEST HEALTH BREAKTHROUGH IN OUR LIFETIME" and, personally, I believe it. I've been taking the product for about 7 weeks now and am seeing astonishing changes in my body. This product works at the cellular level and normalizes the function of every cell. It activates the body's immune system to detect, repair and replace damaged cells. The action cuts right across all tissue types including, nerves, organs, muscles, blood, you name it. For many people, long standing health disturbances simply disappear. The level of regeneration people see in their bodies is remarkable.

But that's not all. This may well be the first, genuine, "age reversal" supplement to hit the market! All of the "age spots" on my hands disappeared in about three weeks. I am 60 years old, and this is a highly unlikely occurrence even if I took massive amounts of anti-oxidants. My dreams are more vivid and the ease with which I remember things is improving. In addition to my own experiences, athletes report huge gains in their endurance and the speed from which they recover from workouts. Overall, the benefits from using this product are extremely broad!

I believe that everybody on the planet, including you, should know that this product exists, and have the opportunity to discover the benefits for yourself. To make that possible, I am including the following link. It shows a 19 minute presentation about the science and the action of this product. I encourage everyone who reads this newsletter to at least watch this product presentation: http://www.amazingmolecules.com/asea/ You'll be glad you did.

Beyond that, my wife and I have also decided to get involved in the business opportunity associated with this product. I believe this represents a unique opportunity. The product is new. There is nothing like it on the market. It is protected by 31 US and International Patents, so it is not likely to be "knocked off" anytime soon. The compensation plan is generous. We made our initial investment back in 6 weeks. Also, 5 and 6 figure incomes are possible by implementing a simple, duplicatable marketing system. If you would like to know more, here is another link to a 37 minute presentation that includes both product and business information: http://www.amazingmolecules.com/business/

With that in mind, I am looking for 10 people who have Network Marketing experience and can understand the uniqueness of this opportunity. Currently, the company is only "open" in the United States and Canada, so you must live in North America and have a computer with high-speed access. I will help you build your business with this product. Please call me on the phone and let's get started.

If you live in the European Union, the company should be opening up there later this year, so if you are interested, let me know and I can keep you informed of developments.

For people who would like more information, you can go to my website at: http://www.lindemann.teamasea.com/ where there is much more to learn. If you are interested in trying the product, you can go to the website and click on the "BUY" button and have it shipped directly to your home. Currently, product is only being shipped to North America.

Jackie and I got involved in the business side of this in early May, 2011. Since then, over 95% of the people we have introduced to this product have wanted to try it or become involved in the business. I have never seen a response like this to anything in my life.

Hundreds of Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, and other Health Professionals are revolutionizing their practices with this product. I know you joined this Newsletter because you like to be ahead of the curve when something new shows up. Well, this is one of those things you need to know about.

That's all for now. Thanks for caring about making this a better world.

Warm regards,

Peter Lindemann, DSc

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