October 10 , 2010

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Free Energy Up-date - October 10, 2010


Well, it's been about a month since the last Update. I'd like to wish a warm welcome to all of the new people who signed up for this service during that time. If you are interested, you can find all of my previous Update Newsletters on the Newsletter Archive page of my website:


This is a SPECIAL ADDITION of this Newsletter to announce a Special Event. On November 13th and 14th of this year (only 5 weeks from now) Renaissance Charge, LLC is hosting a Conference and Workshop in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. For the first time in over 20 years, John Bedini will be present at a public event, and will host a "Big Surprise" for the attendees. The main event will be the unveiling of the new line of Battery Chargers developed by John Bedini, and marketed by Renaissance Charge and Tesla Chargers.

Each person coming to the event will be given a "Kit Motor" to take home, included in the price of admission. Part of the workshop time will be used to build some of these kits, so everyone can see how it is done and ask all the questions they can think of. The large 10 and 30 coil units will be demonstrated, including a charging system for an electric car.

On the second day of the event, I will be giving a presentation titled: Electric Motor Secrets, Part 2. There, I will explain EVERYTHING I KNOW about how Back EMF functions in electric motors, how it masks the real efficiency of these machines, and how to overcome it, even in CONVENTIONAL MOTORS. I will also lay out the complete design characteristics of "The Lockridge Device" which was a fully self-running machine.

Jeff Wilson will demonstrate his replications of John Bedini's "Tesla Switch", as well as his automated "Battery Swapper" system for recycling power. Gordy Ormesher will talk about his Electric Vehicle Association and electric vehicle conversions in the Idaho Panhandle.

Aaron Murakami, author of The Quantum Key, will be there, as well as Jeane Manning, author of Break Through Power! This event has "the best of the best" from the Pacific Northwest. All in all, it's a Once in a Life-time Event.

For more information, and attendance availability, please go to this link:

Cost is just $250 for the two days, and that includes a Kit Motor AND lunch on both days. Admission will be limited to 500, so sign up and book your hotel room as soon as you can!

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for caring about energy issues and I hope to see you next month at the Conference!

Warm regards,

Peter Lindemann, DSc

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