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Free Energy Up-date - April 1, 2006

Dear Update Subscriber,

Thank you for opting-in again to receive our Free Energy Update service. In this email, I hope to give you a number of things of value. First, I'm going to discuss a number of energy technologies that are just becoming available, or will be soon. All of these technologies are connected to Nature in some fundamental way and draw upon the vast free energy sources of the Natural World without creating pollution or depleting a limited supply of some easily monopolized commodity. Second, I am going to discuss a philosophy of Free Energy that each of us can begin to implement now, in our lives. And third, I am going to introduce you to a number of products, ideas, and opportunities that you can begin using now to lower your energy costs and reduce your life-style impact on the planet.

What's Coming….. and What's Not

After 33 years in the Free Energy research field, I have come to the conclusion that the wonderful and exotic new energy sources discussed on my website WILL NOT be appearing on the market in the next 10 years. The lack of funding and the political resistance to these technological marvels are obstacles unlikely to be overcome by such technologies as Permanent Magnet Motors, water fuelled engines, or ZPE power modules. As an example, in just the last 5 years, Xogen, Inc. tried to finish development of a water-fuelled automobile engine and was stopped. Now, a company in Germany, Perendev, has just announced that it will begin marketing a 300KW self-running electric generator. This is based on the earlier work of Mike Brady and his Permanent Magnet Motor from South Africa. I still believe that the larger National Security issues will prohibit this product from reaching the market. I could be wrong and only time will tell, but I am not optimistic. In the meantime, you can follow the story by visiting their website at:

It is more likely that the new generation of solar technologies and ocean wave energy technologies will begin making large contributions to the grid-power systems of various countries. The price of solar power is about to start dropping as mass production of thin-film solar panels comes on line. Keep an eye on these developments at these websites:
And watch for even more amazing advances coming:
Clearly, solar power is about to make an even bigger impact. But the real sleeper technology is electricity generated by ordinary ocean waves. The energy density of the water going up and down is 100 times more than the energy density of either solar or wind. It is also more reliable and available a greater percentage of the time. There are three companies starting to make ocean wave energy technology available at this time. Keep an eye on these companies:
The fact is, ocean waves are one of the largest "free energy" sources available that will never quit and can be harnessed with relatively inexpensive equipment. Learn more about this technology and encourage its development as much as you can. More than 50% of the world's populations live near the coastline and can benefit from this clean, renewable energy source.

Free Energy is Energy from Nature

The Natural World is the source of all forms of energy. Period! There are no exceptions. Even oil and gas are "free" after the well is drilled. Neither God nor Mother Earth sends the oil well owner a bill for extracting the oil. So really, ALL forms of energy are freely available from Nature. The reason these energy forms are not "free" to us, is that they have become commodities in the economy and have become subject to the "laws of supply and demand." The fundamental way for each of us to have "free energy" is to remove the energy sources from the economic model. Then, it's free again. I don't know how to do that other than to build my own self-sufficient homestead. But if we are to remain engaged in society-at-large, we must take action steps that meaningfully lower our demand for energy. After all, if we are stuck in this "law of supply and demand" system, and we are prevented from helping to increase the supply of low-cost energy, then the only action step left for us to do, that can really make a difference, is to lower our demand for energy. Believe it or not, lowering demand is the same as increasing supply. If we can lower our energy demand, then we can lower our energy costs, even in a market of rising energy prices.

Many governments are supporting the switch to non-carbon based energy sources with tax incentives and promotion campaigns. This is not happening so much here in the United States, but some State governments have local programs. So "we, the people" must lead the way. Here are a number of viable action steps you can take to lower your demand for energy without changing your life style. Please look carefully at these ideas and consider them seriously.

Lower Your Energy Use, Not Your Lifestyle

It is estimated that heating and cooling our homes represent about 45% of our yearly energy usage. Unlike light or electricity, heat is a form of energy you can use and use, over and over again. The trick is, once you've got it, don't let it escape! Yes, I'm talking about insulation. A home with an R-19 insulation jacket is three times more expensive to heat and cool than a home with an R-57 insulation jacket. So, if you are building a new home, thicken those outside walls and raise the insulation package to R-60. The cost increase is nominal and the amount of energy you will save is huge. There are also new heat reflective paints and roof coatings that can dramatically increase the heat reflective and heat retentive properties of existing homes. So, if you are considering repainting any surface of your home this year, look into these new products.

Lighting accounts for about 25% of your home energy use. If you are building a new home, consider installing skylights, especially in interior rooms, to eliminate the need for artificial light during daylight hours. You can also cut the energy needed for artificial lighting by up to 75% by switching to Compact Fluorescent Lamps wherever you are using regular incandescent bulbs now. The quality and availability of CFL's is rising fast. High intensity LEDs are improving too, but are still not bright enough for normal lighting needs. Compact Fluorescent bulbs are now available in most standard sizes, as well as in 3-way bulb configurations, full spectrum, and even dimmer compatible types. There are no more excuses for not using them. They are more expensive to buy at first, but they last longer than incandescent bulbs, so they are really not more expensive to buy. Also, since they use much less energy for the same amount of light, they are much cheaper to use in the long run. Check out the following links:

The cost of running your water heater can be cut by 35% by adding another layer of insulation. Additional insulation blankets for most models of water heaters can be purchased at your local home improvement store. Also, if you are building a new home, consider installing a solar hot water loop with a highly insulated tank and a demand hot water heater as a back-up.

You can even save money running your refrigerator! Modern refrigerators are under-insulated and the cost of running them can be cut by 50% by adding more insulation. If you own your refrigerator, consider adding a layer of R-19 insulation around it and surrounding it with a stylish wooden enclosure. This method of saving energy was first worked out in some off-grid homes, but it works very well.

You can also save a few kilowatt-hours of electricity a day by unplugging the little wall transformers from the dozens of appliances that you only use once in a while. When plugged in, these little transformers are always drawing power, even when they are not charging the batteries of their portable appliances. This is true of cell phones, shavers, cameras, portable tools, and a host of other devices. So, if you can, just unplug them until you need them.

If you implement all of these ideas in your home, you can save a lot of energy and more than $1,000 a year. The point is that you can save energy everywhere you are currently using energy without changing your life-style one bit! So just remember, the energy you save (and don't have to buy) really is Free Energy! There is a lot you can do right now.

Raise Your Mileage, Spend Less on Gas

[Editor's Note: The company mentioned in this section was closed down by a lawsuit. Please see the August 2006 Update for details.]

That brings me to the last idea for this update. Would you like to save up to 25-50¢ per gallon on the cost of gasoline? What if you could easily raise the mileage of your car by 15-25%? How much money would that save? Well, lots of people are doing it right now. The product is a simple, dry tablet that you put in your gas tank just before you fill up with gas. Using it cleans power robbing deposits from your engine and lowers exhaust emissions by over 80%! It increases the power of your engine by up to 20%. Most people are seeing sizable increases in mileage. The tablets cost about $1 a piece and save you between $3-4 per tank. Remarkably, it works on both gas engines and diesel engines, cars and trucks, even fuel oil furnaces! If you would like to know more about this product, check out this link:

To be truthful, this product is being sold through a network marketing company. But I believe in this product, because it really works. That's what got my attention. In fact, a lot of people who believe in more advanced technologies are getting involved with this gasoline additive because it offers everyone an opportunity to save money on gasoline and helps us all reduce demand for imported oil. That's why I'm involved in the business of introducing this product to people. I believe most people can benefit from using this product. I also believe that some people, who can recognize the opportunity, can gain substantial financial rewards by getting involved with the business. That's what I am doing, and I am looking for 10 or 20 other people who would like to do the same. So, if you are interested in knowing more about the business associated with this product, check out this link: http://www.saveongaspl.mybpbiz.com/%5Cindex.asp?pgid=5 . If you like what you see, please give me a call and I'll answer any other questions you may have.

To summarize

It's time to get practical. The Free Energy source most available to us now is the energy we don't have to buy! It's time to start working with what is already here and stop waiting for the miracle breakthrough. So spread the word. Some forms of Free Energy are already here, and we can't afford to wait for the others. We have to start taking meaningful action steps now, and take responsibility for making the world safer, saner, and cleaner, even if our Government is reluctant to do so. All we can control is our own personal sphere of influence. Our decisions and actions make a difference. Let's spend our money in ways that save energy, and make a habit of it!

Clearly, the message of this Free Energy Update is a major switch from past messages. The reason for this is simple. The world is getting more dangerous and more and more demand pressure is being exerted on a world energy supply running at near peak delivery capacity. Simultaneously, I do not believe that any of the exotic, new energy sources will be allowed to enter the market to help lessen the supply-side pressure. That leaves energy conservation at all levels as the only viable alternative for now. The new sources of energy are still on the way and will have a huge impact on the future. In the interim, we just can't sit on our hands waiting for that day.

Conference Call

I'll be speaking this year at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference, July 27-30 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Check out the link at:http://www.testlatech.info and join us if you can.

Other News

For those of you who don't already know, all of our video products are now available on DVD. Check it out at:

Also, check out the new website for the 2020 Group tracking current energy developments and other world trends at:
http://www.2020group.org/index.html. This website is run by my brother, Michael Lindemann, a respected Futurist, Lecturer, Author and Researcher.

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Thanks for caring about energy issues and building a better world.

Warm regards,

Peter Lindemann, DSc

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