April 7, 2007

Free Energy Up-date - April 7, 2007

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News From Clear Tech, Inc.

Big changes are happening at our company, and I wanted you to know what is going on.

First, we are introducing a new DVD product called Electric Motor Secrets, which is available for sale now on our products page at: http://www.free-energy.ws/products.html. This is my latest educational video on the subject of electric motors and how to radically improve their efficiency. It's packed with information on why standard motors do what they do, and how to engineer around the problems they present. I show you how to build electric motors that don't produce any Back EMF, and bring back rare, historic documents about Bob Teal's amazing Magnipulsion Engine. I then show how Teal's Magnipulsion Engine really worked, and why he believed it could replace all other motor and engine designs. I also show some advanced motor designs that operate with a COP > 8. This DVD is 2½ hours long, and loaded with simple, practical information and designs that will astonish seasoned engineers and give new directions to research experimenters and model builders.

Second, we are in the process of completely redesigning our website, with a new look and lots of new content and links. We hope to go live with the new site in a few weeks. We've got new sections coming together on Johann Bessler, Nikola Tesla, Bob Teal, Bruce DePalma, Veljko Milkovic, and much, much more.

There is also going to be a new "Whole Systems Thinking" section which lays out our "Conserve and Use Natural Energy First" philosophy. It will have sections on Home Building, Heating and Cooling, and Transportation. All of the information in this section will be linked to ideas you can implement or products you can buy right now to lower your energy costs without lowering your life-style.

So keep an eye out for all the great new information at:http://www.free-energy.ws

Other News

Some big companies are wising up about Bio-fuels. Ethanol is an economic dead-end. In most cases, when ethanol is made from corn, it actually takes more energy to distill and concentrate it than you can get back by burning it. It is actually CO2 negative, not CO2 neutral as the prevailing wisdom suggests. It is incompatible with current infrastructure and cannot be piped across the country in the same pipelines as gasoline products. It also requires expensive modifications to existing cars to run on it.

Recently, Virgin Atlantic and BP (British Petroleum) have announced plans to begin developing mass-production facilities for Butanol. Butanol is the ideal bio-fuel. It can be mixed in any ratio with gasoline and used as a fuel today, with no modifications to your car required! It will run in jet engines, diesel engines and automobile engines right now. Here are some links you can follow to learn more about Butanol.

Want A 100 MPG Car?

If you want a car that will get 100 miles per gallon of fuel, you can build your own right now. This plan is based on an idea I got from a friend, but it has worked in the past and will work again. The idea is this. Start with a small car that weighs no more than about 2000 pounds. Many small sedans and hatchbacks from Honda, Toyota, Ford, Geo, Suzuki, Nissan, and the like are available. It must have a standard transmission and a good clutch. Next, throw out (remove and sell) the 80 hp engine it comes with and replace it with a 20 hp diesel engine. EPA certified engines in this range can be purchased from Yanmar. Then connect a belt-drive torque converter between the engine and the manual clutch. These simple transmission systems are used in snowmobiles, ATV's and Jet-Ski water craft, and are available in power ranges up to 120 hp.

As odd as this may sound, this system will give the following performance. First, mileage will be above 60 mpg in the city and close to 100 mpg on the highway. Second, for town driving, you can just stick the standard transmission in 3rd gear and drive around without shifting, just using the accelerator and brakes. Acceleration is peppy and smooth with your new, infinitely variable automatic transmission (torque converter). Third, out on the highway, speeds of 70 mph and 80 mph are still possible without a problem. The only performance compromise is found in climbing long, steep hills. The car can handle them with ease, but may slow down to 60 mph or 55 mph during the climb. This is a small price to pay for the other benefits.

This is a no non-sense, practical solution to high fuel prices and is way cheaper and easier than converting the car to a hybrid-electric.

Brand new small diesel engines can be purchased from Yanmar. Here's a 22 hp unit:

Torque converters in the right horse-power range can be purchased from HoffcoComet:

Also, if you want to see what a low horse-power engine car with a variable torque converter can do, check out this link from Rex Research:

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