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Free Energy Up-date - August 12, 2006

Dear Update Subscriber,

Thank you for opting-in to receive our Free Energy Update service. In this email, I am going to quickly revisit some of the topics from my April 2006 Newsletter, then give you some new news and finally, tell you about some new products coming available.

What's Coming….. and What's Not

Well, as I predicted, the 300KW self-running generator from Perendev did not make it to market. In fact, neither the product nor the project is even listed anymore on their website. You can check it out by visiting their website at: http://www.perendev-power.com/ So, I hope you are beginning to get the point. The "powers-that-be" still believe that the release of this type of technology will be too destabilizing to the economy (read that as: too destabilizing to "their control of" the economy).

[Editor's Note: After this Up-Date was released it was brought to my attention that the 300KW self-running generator at Perendev website was listed. It was no longer in the Project section as it had been, but was moved to the Product Section.]

With all due fairness to the "powers-that-be" and their control of the economy, I would just like to add this. The groups who currently "control" the governments, banks, and the economy in general, have done so for the last few hundred years. While the people at the bottom of this hierarchy (us) have always fared poorly under this system, it is the only system that this world has ever known. Regardless of our ignorance of how it works, POWER on this planet is maintained by FORCE, ruthless, rude, and unfair as it may be. In my opinion, imperfect order is better than chaos, any day of the week! So, like it or not, this is the system in place at this time. We are entering a period of transition that could still be turned, in the long run, to a much better system, but currently the PTB are "at war" and they are identifying and eliminating anything and anybody they believe opposes them. So, unless you have a death wish, I recommend we work constructively for a better world.

With gasoline poised to reach for $4.00 per gallon in the USA, it's time to get ruthlessly realistic about what can and cannot be done. We must get busy doing everything we CAN do, and quit whining about what we CANNOT do!

Seeing The Light in Solar Energy

One good bit of news on the advanced solar front is that a number of new companies are planning to build the new CIGS solar panels in the USA. One such company, DayStar Technologies in Halfmoon, New York, plans to build a manufacturing plant capable of producing 1 Gigawatt of solar panels per year by 2008. That one plant would double total worldwide production of solar panels! The commitment is to drive the price of solar energy down. Check it out at: http://www.daystartech.com/ . There are other companies with similar ideas as well, so watch for more news on the CIGS solar panel front.

Also, take a look at these stories of huge, new solar installations in New Mexico and Portugal: http://www.planetark.com/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/36162/story.htm

Harnessing Useful Energy From Low Grade Heat

Another fantastic development is a company called Matteran Energy in Palmetto Bay, Florida. They have developed a way to convert lower temperature thermal differentials into mechanical energy at high efficiency. This method could make it possible to run your home, in the near future, from the solar energy gathered by a solar hot water heating panel! Check out this breakthrough technology at: http://matteranenergy.com/

Save Big Money With Low Cost Housing Methods

If you want to build a nice house, but don't want that big mortgage payment, seriously consider the Stabilized Earth Brick Technology at Low Cost Housing International's website: http://www.locosthousing.com/ If your lot has soil on it with at least 17% clay, you may be able to build a first class house with the dirt you already own. This could lower the cost of your home by over 75%! This is not a funky clone of the old adobe brick technology that needs constant maintenance. This is state-of-the-art technology. You end up with a modern brick home that can last for 100 years, with high R-factor insulation, totally water-proof, and structurally stable. Combine that with the heat reflective coatings on the roof and heat reflective paints inside and out, and you have the lowest cost, highest energy efficiency home available today, dirt cheap!

Saving Money On Gasoline Deemed Illegal By The State Of Texas

In my April Newsletter, I introduced you to a new company called BioPerformance. They were selling a little pill that you added to your gas tank that extended your mileage. Many people saw good to excellent results with the product, and the company was experiencing explosive growth. On May 15th, the Texas Attorney General's office filed a lawsuit against BioPerformance on a wide variety of charges, none of which were illegal. At the preliminary hearing on May 30 - June 3, the judge allowed all of the AG's motions, set a court date for September 17th and made an asset freeze on the company permanent, so it was technically out of business. We await further developments, but have little hope of the company emerging from this situation.

Conference DVD Available Soon!

I spoke this year at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference, July 27-30 in Salt Lake City, Utah. I spent the entire month of July preparing this presentation, distilling 30 years of study and experimentation into an hour and a half talk titled Tesla's Radiant Energy. Here is the write-up on our website:

"The secret is finally out! After 105 years of mystery, the truth about Tesla's Radiant Energy system is revealed. This is the lecture Dr. Lindemann presented at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference on July 30, 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Talking through a fully illustrated PowerPoint Presentation with 85 slides, Dr. Lindemann explains exactly what Radiant Energy is. Citing dozens of quotes from Tesla's patents and lectures, Dr. Lindemann presents the complete development of Radiant Energy in Tesla's own words. This lecture is the definitive communication on Tesla's model of electricity and its relationship to the production and use of Radiant Energy. (1 hr 30 minutes)"

Check our website product page for ordering this NEW DVD!

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Thanks for caring about energy issues and building a better world.

Warm regards,

Peter Lindemann, DSc

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