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peter-lindemannPeter Andrew Lindemann was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1951. He grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee and Chicago, and graduated from Whitefish Bay High School in 1969. He entered Iowa State University in the fall of 1969 on an engineering curriculum, but fate interrupted his plans to become a fully trained engineer. In the spring of 1970, two events happened that changed the direction of his life. First, his mother died suddenly on April 24th at the age of 43. One week later, President Nixon invaded Cambodia on May 1st, precipitating the most violent anti-war protests ever seen during the Vietnam War period. Iowa State University campus was closed within two weeks, with all classes and final exams cancelled for the year.

This double upheaval began a period of deep introspection that culminated in a plan to pursue self-directed education from that point on. During a trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan in the summer of 1973, Peter stumbled into the articles authored by Tom Valentine in the National Tattler about Ed Gray’s “cold electricity” technology. These articles introduced Peter to the idea of FREE ENERGY and ultimately sparked a life long passion to understand this technology.

By 1975, Peter was living on the “Big Island” of Hawaii. He was introduced to, and joined Borderland Sciences Research Foundation as a research associate. From the BSRF Journal, he was introduced to the works of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Dr. Ruth Drown, and Dr. Bruce Copen. During this period, he also studied with a local Martial Arts Master and Healer named Clifford Lee. In 1977, he was one of the co-founders of Ke Ola Hou, the first alternative health clinic in Hilo, Hawaii. From 1975 -1980, he had a private health practice and taught classes in Colored Light Therapy, Shiatsu Energy Balancing, massage, diet, nutrition, and Radionic Analysis. During this period, Peter ran hundreds of experiments with a natural method of balancing the body’s energy developed by the late L. E. Eeman. Much of his early research on this subject was published in the book Bio-Circuits, Amazing New Tools for Energy Heath by Leslie and Terry Patten in 1988. For more information, read this article: Biocircuits

In 1979, Peter was introduced to the work of Bruce DePalma and Bob Teal. At about that same time, another inventor, John Ecklin, began publishing articles challenging researchers to design a new style of electric generator that would circumvent Lenz Law, and produce electricity with no Back EMF. In response to this challenge, Peter eventually developed the Mechanical Rotary Transformer (MRT) and won John Ecklin’s contest. Drawings of the generator design were circulated in the alternative energy community, and Paul Brown published the first Report on this generator’s performance in the Spring of 1981. He referred to it as the Magnetic Distributor Generator. The model of the generator Paul Brown tested was built by Pete Charles, a skilled electrical engineer who lived in Sacramento, California and had received plans for the generator from Bruce DePalma.

With the success of the MRT, Bruce DePalma invited Peter to move to Santa Barbara, California and study with him. Peter went and visited Bruce in the Fall of 1981, and eventually moved to Santa Barbara in November of 1982. Peter and Bruce remained friends and colleagues until Bruce’s untimely death in 1997.

While in Santa Barbara, Peter was introduced to Michael Knox, a talented engineer and prototype machinist who had helped Bruce DePalma build a number of projects. Peter and Michael struck up a friendship and collaborated in designing and building dozens of experimental machines. In 1983, they formed Unifield Dynamics, Inc. to try to raise capital to further their work on the No Back EMF generators, as well as the amazing No Back EMF Flux Motor, that produced high torque and returned over 80% of its input electricity. Unfortunately, the fund raising efforts failed, and the company folded.

In 1987, Michael Knox, Peter Lindemann, Tom Brown and Eric Dollard founded Borderland Labs and produced all of the experimental apparatus seen in the classic films produced by Borderland Sciences Research Foundation in 1987 and 1988. These include Free Energy Research, Tesla’s Longitudinal Electricity, and Transverse and Longitudinal Electric Waves. A number of other astonishing films were made during this time, but never released.

In 1987, Tom Brown asked Peter Lindemann to join the Board of Directors of the Foundation, which he accepted. He remained Vice President of the Foundation and a member of the Board of Directors until December of 1999. During this period, Peter authored dozens of articles for the Journal of Borderland Sciences, including 10 Fizix Korner columns, five major articles, including Colloidal Silver, a Closer Look, the most referred to article on colloidal silver on the internet, four articles on George Lakhovsky’s Multiple Wave Oscillator, four articles on the subject of ORANUR, and three articles on Radionics and natural healing. He also compiled the 120 page book A Case for Electro-Therapy, Selected US Patents, and worked for years with Tom Brown to develop a simple set of Color Filters that effectively reproduced all of the healing benefits of Dinshah Ghadiali’s Spectro-Chrome system.

In 1990, Peter teamed up with Trevor Constable to break the drought in Santa Barbara, California using Trevor’s rain engineering technology. It took Peter about three months of study and experiments to understand what the equipment was actually doing. At that point, orienting the equipment for maximum effect became easy. In a series of engineered rains between February 2nd and March 6th, 1991, the Santa Barbara drought was effectively broken, including a spectacular event that filled Gibraltar Reservoir from bone dry to over-flowing in one night. Later that summer, Trevor asked Peter to join him in Operation Pioneer to break a drought in Melaka, Malaysia. There, they engineered 38 measurable rains in 57 days of the dry season. Some of his contributions to Trevor Constable’s Etheric Weather Engineering technology are documented on the website www.rainengineering.com

Between 1991 and 1995, Peter worked extensively on the redevelopment of Georges Lakovsky’s Multiple Wave Oscillator, an astonishing electro-medical device invented in 1941. In 1996, he developed and started marketing the CS-300 Colloidal Silver Generator, which remained in production for 9 years.

In the Spring of 1999, Peter was nominated by the late Dr. Robert Adams of New Zealand for a Doctorate degree to the Board of Governors of the Open International University of Alternative Medicine in Colombo, Sri Lanka. After a 9 month review of past experience and published work, he was granted a Doctorate of Science degree (honorus causa) in Complimentary Medicine, based on his previous life work.

In June of 2000, Peter and his wife Jackie formed Clear Tech, Inc. to develop and market information products on Free Energy systems. Besides this website, their first product was The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity, currently available in DVD and book form. Later products included The World of Free Energy lecture delivered at the KeelyNet Conference in July 2001, Tesla’s Radiant Energy lecture given at the Extraordinary Technology Conference in July 2006, and the self-produced educational DVD Electric Motor Secrets, released in April, 2007.

From 2004 to 2005, Peter worked with John Bedini, assisting him in the development of his advanced battery charging technology. In 2011, Peter teamed up with Aaron Murakami to found Tesla Chargers to sell John’s chargers.  Today, teslachargers.com is the largest distributor of John’s battery chargers and solar charge controllers in the world.

In 2009, Peter and Aaron founded A&P Electronic Media to begin publishing as much information on Free Energy topics as they could. Now, in 2015, A&P has a catalog of over 60 books and filmed lectures, by some of the most advanced researchers in this field. All of the ads you see in the right column of this website refer back to these products.

Peter Lindemann continues to be a sought after lecturer, consultant and educator in the field of alternative energy solutions.

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