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RADIANT ENERGY: In 1875, Sir William Crookes discovered the properties of Radiant Matter. His invention of the Radiometer was proof that Radiant Matter was a constituent of sunlight. Nikola Tesla, following up on these discoveries, found that electrostatic charges could also be conveyed by Radiant Matter. He called it Radiant Energy. When Radiant Energy was transmitted from place to place, it behaved like "sound waves of electrified air." By 1900, Tesla had developed lighting systems and electric motors that ran on Radiant Energy. By 1934, Thomas Henry Moray had demonstrated a small box that produced 50,000 watts, running on Radiant Energy. In 1973, Edwin V. Gray started demonstrating his EMA motor, an 80hp electric motor capable of keeping its own batteries charged while delivering surplus mechanical energy. And Paul Baumann built numerous models of an astonishing self-running machine called "Testatika" in Switzerland in the 1980's. Much of John Bedini's work also falls into the field of Radiant Energy. These developments are only the tip of the iceberg in our knowledge of what is mistakenly referred to as "static electricity" but is really something much more astonishing.

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