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•Tesla's Radiant Energy

"I was recently shown your video, 'Tesla's Radiant Energy' by a school-time friend who is now a physics and mathematics teacher. Quite frankly, it was one of the most inspiring pieces of footage I have ever seen." - AK


"To think that I was a college professor for 13 years, and I did not know anything about aetherial electricity! Just passed on the straight-jacket to the next eager generation." - JS

•World of Free Energy
•History of EV Gray Motors

"I have received the two tapes and am just now coming up for air. Whew! What a whack of information, all in two gulps." - DW

•The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity

"...Dr. Lindemann explains Tesla's bizarre electricity experiments, which no amount of exposure to Tesla's work, from all other sources, has ever done for me." - Ken Rauen (Infinite Energy Magazine, January 2001)

You can read the full review in Infinite Energy Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 35, January 2001: Video Review: "The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity".


"First of all, I must compliment you on your research. You've done an excellent job. From my own experiments, once you split the electron from the etheric carrier, the problem then is not generating tremendous energy, it's limiting it! A lot of my incoming spikes are well over 1000 amps. Definitely, this kind of circuit, it's for real!" - Brian Desborough (Free Energy Researcher)


"After reading your article, "World of Free Energy", I was inspired by you to buy your book, "The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity" and I was not disappointed. You did present a powerful case for how this technology works." - CG

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