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The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity - eBook
by Peter A. Lindemann, D.Sc.

In the 1970's, inventor Edwin Gray developed an electric automobile engine that produced 80 horsepower and recharged its own batteries. It ran on what he called "cold electricity." This amazing technology remained shrouded in mystery until September 2000, when Dr. Lindemann delivered the lecture in the dvd/video sold above. This book was published 5 months later, and covers the same information as the video by this title. It explains how Edwin Gray produced "cold electricity" and how that relates to Nikola Tesla's discovery of "Radiant Energy" over a century ago. All of the images that appear as slides in the video are reproduced in the book, as well as complete reprints of Edwin Gray's three US patents, and three of Nikola Tesla's US Patents, which relate to the subject. This is an important study manual for serious researchers. Ed Gray's EMA motor produced 40 times more power than he took from his batteries. The secret is in the power supply and this book tells how it works!

The Free Energy Scrects of Cold Electricity - ebook
pdf file

Real Rain Making
Trevor James Constable

A Collection of ebooks and videos

Absolutely, one-of-a-kind documentaiton on the 40 year development of a successful rainmaking process. This package includes over 250 pages of photographs and information in two books and over two hours of live footage of rain making processess in three WMV downloads. This package includes a great deal of previously unreleased material and four bonus features.

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Classic Energy Videos
Brought to you by
Peter Lindemann

Here's a Blast from the Past! All five of these Classic Energy Videos were either filmed or produced by Peter Lindemann in the 1980s. He also appears in most of them. Now for the first time, these amazing films are available as a digital downlown, in large image format.

For more information on the complete collection and the bonuses, just follow this link to the complete description page

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Save on Home Energy
by Peter Lindemann
& Aaron Murakami

#1 Home Energy Savings Manual shows you how to reduce your Home Energy Bills by up to 50%. The methods shown in this eBook can easily be implemented by anyone in any living situation.

This book is NOT about telling you to turn down your thermostat in the "comfort" of your own home or telling you to put on a sweater to stay warm in the winter. That is what the Utility companies tell you to do, and quite frankly, I think it is insulting.

In this book, I systematically walk you through every part of your house and show you where you are WASTING energy that you are currently paying for! Then, I show you how to FIX the problems so you can save both energy and MONEY. The solutions are practical, easy to implement, and inexpensive. Return on investment is usually between 12 and 18 months.

I have been collecting these amazing solutions for the last 10 years and this eBook contains "the Best of the Best".

Price - $27.00 (includes life-time updates as new information becomes available)

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The Quantum Key
by Aaron Murakami.

For young people, or anybody who wants to come up to speed fast in the "advanced alternative energy field", The Quantum Key is the product to buy. It provides a great synopsis on advanced physics theory and then plugs people into all the latest information, forums, YouTube films, websites, private tutorials, and other products that have the real, verifiable information about the latest, cutting edge research. I wrote the Foreword for this book and whole-heartedly endorse it!

Price - $37.00

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