October 29, 2008

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Free Energy Up-date - October 29, 2008

Dear Update Subscriber,

First of all, it's been a while since the last Update, so first, I'd like to wish a warm welcome to all of the new people who signed up for this service in the last year. You can find all of my previous Update Newsletters on the Links page of my website:

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Practical Moves In Uncertain Times

In this Update, I'd like to focus on some practical ideas that can help position you to ride out the coming economic downturn. With the PRICES of stocks, commodities, oil, gasoline, gold, and currencies all fluctuating wildly in the last three months, it's a good time to look at the real VALUE of these things in our lives. Everybody is looking to invest their hard earned money in something that will maintain its value in these volatile times. My suggestion is that you consider investments in hard assets, like gold, silver, food, seeds, your home, your vehicles, your education, and your friendships!

IBoth gold and silver are down from their recent highs, so they could be considered a "good deal" at this time (as of October 29, 2008). Any asset that you think you have, but is actually being managed by someone else, like your 401K, has probably lost value in the last three months. It may seem horrifying to think of selling this at a "loss" right now, but it's really about bringing all of your real assets under your own, direct control again. If you invest in gold and silver coins, you will have the value of your assets in your own, personal possession. If the economic situation stabilizes, you can re-invest in stocks and real estate at bargain basement prices. If the situation deteriorates further, your gold and silver coins can act as real money. So, either way, you can't lose.

The same goes for investments like filling your pantry with staple foods, storing seeds, and making your vehicles as reliable and fuel efficient as you can. Money spent in these ways allows you to provide yourself with a safety net in case the government defaults on YOU just when you need it most.

I also suggest that you invest in making your home more energy efficient. This is especially the case if you already own your home with no mortgage. But these are still good ideas even if you have a mortgage. Don't worry about "return on investment" as much as just "lowering your energy needs" as quickly as possible. If the currency goes bad, the PRICE of everything will go up and the availability of everything will go down. The idea is to get by on more of what is free and on less of what costs money!

Free and Low Cost Lighting Options

In previous Updates, I have talked quite a bit about insulation and heat management ideas. Today, I want to talk about Lighting Ideas.

Obviously, the SUN provides free light during the day outside, but what about in your house? Skylights and Light pipes are the answer. Learn as much as you can about this technology and install these devices in hallways and interior rooms without windows. The following link is a great tutorial on the subject:

Once you have provided yourself with as much Free Light as you can, the next job is to replace the rest of your lighting systems with the most energy efficient technologies available today. I've already talked about switching to Compact Fluorescent Lights and the new bright white LEDs, but here is a new product with a twist. It's called the "After-Lite" and it combines the efficiency of a CFL with one of the new long-lasting after-glow phosphors. After lighting a room in the evening, the bulb continues to glow a soft green for hours after the power is turned off. For hallways, children's rooms, and bathrooms, or anywhere you might use a nightlight, this could be a great idea. Check out these links for more info:

There is even a company in Wisconsin that has found a way to make the "after-glow" phosphors glow all by themselves, for 12 YEARS!!! They are not on the market yet, but "free light" may be right around the corner. They have even mated their self-glowing material with some solar cells, to make free electric power in small amounts. I'll be keeping an eye on this company and reporting any news. In the meantime, check out their progress at:

Other Power Saving Appliances

If you want to save up to 100% of the energy it takes to dry your clothes, you can still hang them on a clothes line. (LOL) Of course, it's boring and time consuming, but it can save energy. If this seems like a radical idea, you can still save 50% of the energy it takes to dry your clothes using this new technology. It's called the Hydronic Clothes Drier and it dries clothes.......with water! Well, actually, it uses a heat exchanger and a special fluid (they started with water) to dry your clothes 41% faster and eliminate all possibility of a dryer flue fire. It's awesome, and it's available right now. Check it out at this link:

And here is another "obvious" idea that should have been available since the Stone Age. It's called the Green Switch. Simply put, it's a way to turn off ALL unnecessary appliances and lights in the house with just ONE SWITCH, as you leave! Duh....you might think Homer Simpson could have invented it! Anyway, it's finally available and can definitely save some energy by eliminating energy WASTE. Here's the link:

Changing Direction, Again...

As many of you know, I have been involved in Free Energy Research for 35 years. I am a firm believer in the reality of advanced technologies and their potential to transform this world for the better. But two and half years ago, I started to promote energy conservation, and the idea of not waiting any longer for the advanced technologies to appear. More and more I am promoting "whatever" is available that is better than what you currently have, switching to "low tech" solutions that are cheap and maintenance-free, and radical conservation, which is nothing more than a conscious refusal to waste resources! Articles like the following are part of my motivation:


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