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Ron Rockwell started as a machinist with the Martin Missile Company, building rocket components, and going through school. He met Royal Raymond Rife and John F. Crane in 1964, and worked with them in their laboratory as their machinist. In 1973, he developed a brain tumor, which was treated successfully with the Rife technology. Upon Rife and Crane's deaths, he inherited the original equipment from that laboratory.

Ron Rockwell met Haskell Karl a number of years later. Haskell Karl told him about the original working model of the air turbine engine. It was built in the 60's and tested at Wyle testing laboratory. They could not figure out how it worked. After many long sessions of talking with Haskell Karl about the air turbine engine, viewing and discussing the original drawings, photos and documents, he decided to take on the challenge. He re-designed and built an advanced aerodynamic air turbine engine, with full aerospace technology as we know it today. The engine does not run on a compressed air tank, it runs on ambient air and runs on its own.

For more information on the Air Turbine Engine that runs on ambient air with no other fuel, follow these links.

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